4 Golden Rules for Surviving the Covid-19 Pandemic

Posted by: alisrowe, October 5, 2020

I hope you are keeping safe and doing as well as you can during the pandemic.

4 Golden Rules for Surviving the Covid-19 Pandemic

Keep to a routine.

Autistic people tend to be most productive and happiest when they are following a routine. This might be a lot easier when you are at work or at school because you must wake up at a certain time and be somewhere at a certain time. You know what you are meant to be doing at any given moment. When at home (especially when you’re not used to being at home so much), it can be hard to find things to do. My advice is to make a schedule and stick to it. Get up at the same time you did when you had to go to work, for example. If you used to walk to school, still go out and do the same (or a similar) walk.

Keep things predictable.

The world feels very uncertain at the moment. Every day changes. When factors are uncertain, they can cause autistic people to feel a high level of anxiety. I find it helpful to keep as many factors in my life as predictable as I can, such as I know with certainty what I am going to have for dinner, I know what work I’m going to do tomorrow, I know what exercise I’m going to do in the morning… etc. We can’t have control over every factor in life, but we can control some factors, and it’s helpful to focus on these things.

Be kind to yourself.

Understand that it’s OK to feel worried and that lots of other people are also feeling anxious and isolated. Give yourself lots of self-care, such as by making an extra effort to relax and do the activities you enjoy.

Eat well and exercise regularly.

Eating healthily and taking regular exercise are absolutely fundamental to physical and mental health. Make sure you have a balanced diet and are getting all the nutrients you need. The world might feel scary outside but getting some fresh air and observing nature have lots of benefits. Aim to take a short walk every day if you can. If you don’t want to go outside, there are lots of exercises you can do indoors (such as press ups and squats) to keep you fit.

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