Privacy Policy

What personal information we collect

We collect your email address, first name, last name, your area of interest about autism, and the region in which you live.

How and why we collect it and what we use it for

We may use your email address to contact you with the latest the curly hair project news.

We may use your email address to contact you with news about things going on in your local area, which we think you might be interested in.

We use your information to understand and analyse who visits our website and to improve our services and develop new resources.

We collect this information when you opt to sign up to our email newsletter or blog subscription services.

How we secure your information

Your information is held in our secure database in which no third party has access to.

If you have subscribed to the blog on our website, your information might be accessible to other website users.

If you wish to opt-out

You have a choice about the information we store about you. If you wish for your information to be removed from our database, send an email to and we’ll do that straight away!