New film – episode 5 now available

Posted by: alisrowe, November 9, 2019

We have just released episode 5, ‘A Day in the University Placement Year for The Girl With The Curly Hair‘, in our short film series! This film showcases The Girl With The Curly Hair’s first experience of work. She is working in a science measurement and testing company for a year, as part of her university degree.

You can watch it on the website here.

We’ll be using the film in our training to help employers and colleagues better understand and work with autistic people. Don’t forget, even if you never know for sure whether someone is on the autism spectrum, if you do recognise some ASD traits, you can still support them.

Thank you so much to those who pay a monthly or annual fee to access our website. Thanks to you, we can continue to make amazing resources such as our films.

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