What you'll learn:

  • A solid foundation of all aspects of autism to help you understand yourself

Course Description:

  • Pre-learning questionnaire: You complete an online survey before you begin.
  • Narrated Presentation: You watch, read and listen to the learning materials.
  • Animations: Unique, charming, sweet animations based around the central character, The Girl With The Curly Hair, and her experiences in different situations.
  • Visuals and infographics: No plain writing!
  • Reflections: You reflect on central questions about the topic and record your thoughts in the assignments.
  • Questions: Answer questions to check your understanding along the way.
  • Notes: Print a set of summary course notes for your records.
  • Certificate of completion: Download and print a certificate for your CV or learning development.

This course was written, created and narrated by autistic author and founder of The Curly Hair Project, Alis Rowe.

Courses Included:

Engage with some relatable material that helps you recognise which parts of your personality and your life might be influenced by autism.

Learn what anxiety is, how it might affect you, how your anxiety might be different from neurotypical anxiety, and strategies on how to manage your anxiety.

Understand how autism might affect your experience of socialising. Learn about social anxiety and masking (hiding autistic behaviours). Learn ideas on how to make socialising easier.

Learn how you might be affected by your senses (sight, smell, hearing, touch, taste, balance and body awareness) and strategies to feel more comfortable.

Ideas to help you improve your communication skills.

Learn how you might be affected by executive function (the skills that help you plan, stay organised, know how to prioritise, etc.) and ideas on how to improve these skills.