Not sure which books to read first?

Alis has written a lot of books! It is sometimes difficult to decide which books to read first. Therefore we have listed our suggestions below.

Which books are right for me?

Not sure where to start? Check out these selections according to your ‘role’ or interest. But remember, these are just suggestions! You will get great information from any of the books, so be sure to browse those under a different role from the one you identify with. All are clearly written in non technical language. 

I'm a Health Professional

You work with autistic adults or autistic children.

I'm an Autistic Adult

You may or may not have a diagnosis. The following books might help you to understand yourself better.

I'm a Parent of a Child under 10

You can read these books on your own or together with your child.

I'm an Education Professional

You work with autistic children or young people.

I'm a Parent of an Autistic Adult

You have a child who is, or who may be, on the autism spectrum and you would like to know how to support them.

I'm an Autistic Teenager

You may or may not have a diagnosis. The following books might help you to understand yourself better.

Other resources include:



Online Courses

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What People say about Alis's Books

"This is a great book for parents (like me) with a daughter on the autistic spectrum. In particular if you are starting to deal with the pre-teen/teenage years! It is a also helpful and affirming read for those who might like to connect their experiences with those of another person on the spectrum."
"There doesn’t seem to be enough words to give this book the true review and praise that it deserves. I fear we’d be here for a very long time if we tried. However, this book is amazing and definitely a must read!"
"After seeing 'The girl with the curly hair' online I realised that she was EXACTLY like my daughter... I bought the book and... every single page resonates... No need to photocopy pages, it was all there... It made sense of an otherwise senseless world."

Learn more about The Curly Hair Project

Alis, who is the creator of The Curly Hair Project, wasn’t diagnosed until she was an adult, and her life was unbearable up until that point. She never wants anyone to feel as isolated and anxious as she did. Alis is now living a more comfortable and fulfilling life and this is only because of the strategies she has devised and succinctly communicated in the e-courses.

Along with our e-courses, we also have a variety of resources for parents such as:

The Curly Hair Project’s resources are endorsed by world’s leading psychologist Professor Tony Attwood.

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