5 amazing ways to manage deadlines

Posted by: alisrowe, May 19, 2019

Deadlines are vital for everything that is important because they facilitate people actually getting things done. Without a deadline, tasks can just get left or forgotten about. I love deadlines and I have them for every single thing that I do, however, if not carefully managed, they can cause me to feel very stressed.

One of the reasons deadlines can make me feel stressed is because my perception of time can be a bit distorted. I often have that feeling of everything needs to be done right now!! It is probably an impairment in executive function that means I have trouble thinking about when things need to be done and how long things are going to take.

Another reason deadlines can make me feel stressed is because I feel I can’t relax until a deadline has been met and a task ticked off. I like that feeling of having an empty diary with nothing in it apart from my own, fun things! Outstanding tasks can stop me from being able to enjoy my own projects and hobbies.

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