Is it good to get outside your comfort zone?

There is some thinking that getting out of your comfort zone has lots of benefits. First, what exactly do we mean by ‘comfort zone’? It generally means the activities we do that make us feel safe and comfortable, as opposed to activities that make us feel anxious and stressed.

I think maybe when we think about comfort zones for autistic people or people with disabilities, they need to be thought about a bit differently. For example, I’m not sure getting out of my own comfort zone is always a good idea. In fact, I’d say that most of the time for me now, it’s a bad idea.

Defining your comfort zone

I personally have a small number of situations that are inside my comfort zone. My house is obviously my comfort zone. My local area is my comfort zone. The way I choose to commute, by my bike, is my comfort zone. The places that I most frequently visit are my comfort zones. My routine is definitely my comfort zone. My hobbies and the way I do them are my comfort zone. My family is inside my comfort zone. My friends are inside my comfort zone (but only in certain contexts, see later).

My places of work are probably just outside the edge of my comfort zone.

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