Another way of looking at “challenging behaviour”

Posted by: alisrowe, September 24, 2018

Throughout my life I have found myself in trouble on numerous occasions. I think this is because other people think that my behaviour is strange, naughty or thoughtless and sometimes the things that I do come as a complete surprise to others. But when people look a bit deeper and try to understand me, my behaviour completely makes sense. I’m no longer “difficult” but someone that is very anxious and has quite severe and complex communication difficulties.

The issues surrounding my behaviour usually happen because I have difficulty communicating with people and they have difficulty communicating with me.

I have three excellent examples I can think of. The first is when my workplace was organising the local community fair. This is a fair where local shops each have a stand and the fair attracts many people from the community. My workplace had a stand and my colleagues had asked me whether I could help out on the stand. My immediate thought was “no!” I tried to say to my colleagues that I wasn’t able to help out but somehow this communication was either lost or ignored and, as what normally happens, I ended up doing something I didn’t want to do – in this case, I ended up helping out on the stand at the fair.

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