Things for people with ASD to consider when looking for work

Posted by: alisrowe, July 11, 2017

In October 2016, the National Autistic Society found that only 16% of autistic adults were in full time work. This is such a low percentage! But I completely understand why it might be so low. Reasons can include the person with ASD having trouble with the whole job application process, not passing interviews, or struggling to keep up with the social and executive function demands of employment once they do actually get a job, hence not lasting long before leaving. Another big reason is that most potential employers are not understanding of ASD in general and do not quite realise the reasonable adjustments that ought to be made to help a person with ASD pass the interview, for example. I know of someone who has applied for hundreds of jobs, has had hundreds of interviews, yet has not been in work for 10 years, despite really wanting to and trying hard!

I’ve had – and still have – lots and lots of different jobs. It has taken me a while to get myself on the right career path however and I’ve been very miserable in some of the jobs I’ve had (jobs that should have, in theory, been very good for me). Here’s my advice on finding the right job and perhaps thinking about it in ways you’ve not thought of.

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