5 tips to help your autistic loved one after work

Posted by: alisrowe, September 2, 2016

‘Ella, 27, ASD, works part time at the post office and lives with her mum. Her job is to sort out the letters early in the morning, and deliver the first round of newspapers. Every now and again she has to ring doorbells to deliver parcels as well. When she leaves work and gets home, Mum wants to know if Ella wants to have a cup of tea with her. Ella yells at Mum, and goes to her room with doors slamming. Mum is left downstairs feeling very confused. She was trying to be nice.’

A job can be very taxing on any of us, whether we are neurotypical or have autism or otherwise. Jobs require a large amount of energy and, depending on what the job is, social interaction or manual labour. In a nutshell, jobs can be very tiring.

A person on the spectrum may have different needs when they come home from work. Here are 5 tips to help deal with those needs.

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