Social consequences of developmental disabilities

Posted by: alisrowe, May 6, 2016

Autism is a developmental disability, which means that certain aspects of ‘growing up’ such as language, learning, self-help, independent living – and even theory of mind – may come at a later stage than what is considered ‘normal.’

Even though physically a child may develop at the normal rate, mental and emotional development may be far behind. From my own reading I propose that individuals on the autism spectrum are at least 2 years behind their peers developmentally, but it may be much more (one parent told me that, at 13 years old, her son presented like a 4 year old). The mismatch between the appearance of an individual and their behaviour can create challenges for the people around them, and also challenges for themselves. In this article I wanted to discuss some possible social consequences of having a developmental disability – in this case, ASD.

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