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Posted by: alisrowe, January 31, 2016

I’ll tell you the reason for this article, it might make you chuckle or it might make you feel a little annoyed, which is how I felt! Some of you might know that, last year, I was interviewed for two magazine features. If you are interested in reading the articles, you can find them here:

Gask, Marina. “The Truth About Women And Autism”. Marie Claire December 2015: 319-320. Print.

Brown, Sally. “What it Feels Like to Live with Autism”. Healthy March/April 2016: 76-77. Print.

healthy-magazine Both journalists actually asked me the same question. Each person asked, “What has helped you with your anxiety and depression? Have you ever been on any medication?” I responded honestly, “Yes I have been on medication – but the best thing for me has actually been my weightlifting.” Unfortunately, both picked up only on the first part of that sentence and – I suppose you could say – maybe they only ‘heard what they wanted to hear!’ I thought this at the time because I remember trying to elaborate on the weightlifting to back up the little bit I’d just said, however I sort of felt like I was cut short on that (and no, I was not just taking advantage of the opportunity to speak about my special interest!!!).

Sure enough, when I saw the proofs of the articles, there was only a brief mention of weightlifting in each one* How do I feel about that? Slightly annoyed. So I will finish off what I was trying to say in those articles here on my own blog instead…

*I’ve just seen the Healthy article and I am happy there was an emphasis on weightlifting in the caption!

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