Being alone versus feeling lonely

Posted by: alisrowe, July 17, 2015

There is so much to do around it, feeling lonely and not being alone, or being alone and not feeling lonely. So what is this all about?

Being alone

Being alone for someone with Asperger’s syndrome is vital. Our social energy batteries run dry a lot quicker, than those of neurotypical people, and so we need to recharge them. We do so by being on our own, and doing the things that energize and vitalize us.

Being alone gives us much needed time for our own self care, so we can fully recover and interact with other people as well, or participate in social activities.

Being alone does not at all mean we feel lonely. Being alone is like the air in our lungs, much needed, and greatly appreciated. It is highly important to respect the Aspie’s need for alone time, so they can recharge.

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