What is the CHP?

The curly hair project is a social enterprise based in the UK, which aims to help people with Autism Spectrum Disorders and their loved ones. All our work is based on personal, real life examples and experience.

The services and products we provide are:

How it came to be

The curly hair project was founded by Alis Rowe, who has ASD but wasn’t diagnosed until adulthood. She spent her whole life feeling really isolated and ‘different’ and doesn’t want anyone else to have these feelings. The work is very important.

Autism and females

Lots of people are quite unaware of how autism presents in women. There are lots of women out there struggling and they perhaps don’t know why. Alis being open about it has already helped thousands of girls and women and their families around the world.


The curly hair project resources are:

  • a part of The NHS Healthy London Partnership
  • on the recommended reading list for GPs
  • on the recommended reading list for people post-diagnosis
  • used by psychiatrists, GPs, psychologists, counsellors and other health professionals worldwide
  • used by teachers and support staff
  • endorsed by the leading psychologist in ASD, Professor Tony Attwood
  • recommended resources by the Association of Colleges

Support us

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