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Films background

The films are based on Alis Rowe. Alis is one of the thousands of girls who went through childhood never realising she was autistic, not having a diagnosis, no one ever thinking anything was ‘wrong’ other than she was a bit “shy.” Her story is not an unusual one.

The character ‘the girl with the curly hair’ is, however, a character in her own right! She doesn’t represent all autistic people – but why would she? The girl with the curly hair is an individual, just like we all are.

What Alis wants people to take away from her films

  • Realisation that lots of people have autism but because it is invisible, you cannot always tell
  • Autism is not a male phenomenon. Lots of girls and women are autistic but it’s thought that they ‘hide’ their autism and are likely to be under-diagnosed
  • Recognise and appreciate that people might have very different or quite complicated thought processes in comparison to the things they actually do or say
  • Develop understanding, compassion, empathy and tolerance for someone who might be a bit different (even if you never know why they are that way)

Alis hopes that people who watch these films will be able to understand and empathise with the girl with the curly hair. They might identify some of her behaviours with someone they know and then start to see that person in a different way.

She also hopes that anyone who is autistic (whether or not they know they are) will realise that they are not alone in the world and that there are other people who do feel the same way.

A Day at Primary School for The Girl with the Curly Hair Film Poster

A Day at Secondary School for The Girl with the Curly Hair Film Poster