Why you should do this course:

  • You are already working or about to start a new job and wonder how having autism might affect your work
  • You wonder what 'reasonable adjustments' might help you in the workplace
  • You would like to know how to communicate better with your manager and colleagues

Course Description:

  • Pre-learning questionnaire: You complete an online survey before you begin.
  • Animation: Watch an animated short film (13 minutes) that shows a day working at the vet’s for the autistic character, The Girl With The Curly Hair.
  • Analyses: Read a detailed analysis on each scene in the film that discusses various learning points.
  • Your own ideas: Think about whether you have had similar experiences to The Girl With The Curly Hair.
  • Quizzes: Answer a fun quiz to check what you have learned.
  • Certificate of completion: Download and print a certificate.

This course was written and created by autistic author and founder of The Curly Hair Project, Alis Rowe.


Optional introduction to our work.

An outline of how this course should be taken.

Watch the full film first to gain a broad overview. The film gives you the background for the rest of the course.

The Girl With The Curly Hair is lying in bed dreading going into work at Caring Vet’s. She has been re-living the events of the past few days all night long.

The Girl With The Curly Hair goes to the community fair to help out on the Caring Vet’s stand.

The Girl With The Curly Hair struggles to multitask when she can’t finish a telephone conversation and another client arrives.

The Girl With The Curly Hair attempts to answer confusing questions from two clients.

The Girl With The Curly Hair experiences social anxiety when she has to go into the Preparation Room and there are lots of other people in the room already.

The Girl With The Curly Hair feels frustrated when her colleagues break ‘rules’.

The Girl With The Curly Hair solves a problem that her colleagues were struggling with.

Reflection on what you might have learned.