Why you should do this course:

  • You would like to discover how having autism might affect your college experience
  • You would like some ideas on how to make your time at college a bit easier

Course Description:

  • Pre-learning questionnaire: You complete an online survey before you begin.
  • Animation: Watch an animated short film (13 minutes) that shows a day at college for the autistic character, The Girl With The Curly Hair.
  • Analyses: Read the notes on each scene in the animation to understand what is going on.
  • Your own views: Think about whether or not you relate to The Girl With The Curly Hair. Observe how you might be similar or different to how she is.
  • Quizzes: Answer fun questions about the animation.
  • Certificate of completion: Download and print a certificate.

This course was written and created by autistic author and founder of The Curly Hair Project, Alis Rowe.


Optional introduction to our work.

An outline of how this course should be taken.

Watch the full film first to gain a broad overview. The film gives you the background for the rest of the course.

The Girl With The Curly Hair puts on her makeup and shiny new shoes. She doesn’t want to look like all the other girls, but feels she ought to look like them.

The Girl With The Curly Hair notices that the train expected arrival time is sooner than the current time that is displayed. She feels confused about why the sign has not yet updated. She struggles to cope with the smell of a banana on the train.

The Girl With The Curly Hair feels stressed that the teacher does not understand why she does not wish to go to Oxbridge.

The Girl With The Curly Hair sits next to Sebastian. He’s the first boy that’s ever taken any notice of her.

The Girl With The Curly Hair bumps into her old friend Holly from secondary school. She hasn’t seen or spoken to her since they were at secondary school.

There are so many facts and names to learn in Biology. It makes The Girl With The Curly Hair’s brain ache.

The Girl With The Curly Hair ruminates about the problems that occured during the day.

Reflection on what you might have learned about yourself.

What People Say...

“The film was the most realistic representation of my adolescence I have ever seen.”