The Animation Team

The films are a big team effort and we are privileged to be supported by some very skilled and very talented people.


Charles-Jean Boucher

CJ was the start of it all. He is the original artist and animator for The Girl With The Curly Hair films. CJ does animation, illustration, voiceover acting, 3d modelling and music. Find out more on CJ’s website

Agne Jurkenaite

Agne is an animator, artist and filmmaker. Her works explore human behaviour and are often expressed through experimental techniques.

Agne recently graduated with BA in animation from University of the Arts, London. She’s now freelancing in the creative industry. Agne’s short films include ‘Soapboy’ (2018) and ‘My Lithuanian Summer’ (2017). Find out more on Agne’s website

Pew36 Animation Studios

Award winning animation studio with a keen eye for creativity and the skills to get projects completed effectively. Go to Pew36’s website

Voice Actors

Zoe Cunningham

Zoe is a creative geek, combining a career in technology with another as an actor. She is currently Managing Director of Softwire Technology, one of the Sunday Times “Best Places to Work 2019”. Her recent theatre credits include Letting Go and God 2.0 with Blueberry Goose Theatre Group and she stars in two independent feature films – Nightlens and Goodbye Mary – both due to be released in 2020. Find out more on Zoe’s website

Voiced: Clare, various

Robin Barker

Robin is a senior mental health nurse and advisor on a range of issues including children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing. He is the director of Healthy Teen Minds, an organisation providing training, advice, innovation and leadership to professionals and organisations supporting the mental health of children, young people and their parents.

Voiced: Mike, Professor Atom, Dr Mole

Connor Craig

Connor has been in the voiceover business since the age of 15 and has trained with industry legend Bill DeWees. He loves what he does and loves helping others so being a part of The Curly Hair Project team gives him the best of both worlds! Find out more about Connor

Voiced: various

Fantastic Online Courses

Written and narrated by autistic author Alis Rowe, full of bright colours and visuals, comic strips and animations… we have managed to simplify and make exciting a very complicated subject!

Take a look at our Online Autism Courses >

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