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Our training receives 5* reviews. All training material has been written by autistic entrepreneur Alis Rowe and is delivered by an experienced Trainer.

Some of our training incorporates brief, very structured discussion and activities which you do not have to participate in. You can alternatively just relax and listen.

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Autism & Communication Day (Hull) - Conference (Yorkshire and the Humber)




Autism and Mental Health Day (Hull) - Conference (Yorkshire and the Humber)




Autism and Mental Health Day (York) - Conference (Yorkshire and the Humber)

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We have a large variety of autism training courses available, as well as the ability to create bespoke material. Our events cater to people of all backgrounds, from newly diagnosed adults, parents, grandparents to teachers and health professionals.

For more information and how to book on one of our autism events, please click the individual links or contact us.

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Upcoming Events

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Deadlines are vital for everything that is important because they facilitate people actually getting things done. Without a deadline, tasks can just get left or forgotten about. I love deadlines and I have them for every single thing that I do, however, if not carefully managed, they can cause me to feel very stressed. One […]

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How to cope with overwhelming thoughts

Some autistic people have a great number of thoughts all the time throughout the day. In fact, they can have so many thoughts that they feel completely consumed by them. I thought I would write an article about the different types of thoughts that a person may have and how they could sort and manage them, and ultimately de-clutter their mind!

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Food crazes and autism

Eating can be another challenge that comes from having autism. One of the challenges that I personally have is having a craze about particular foods. This means that I eat the same thing for a long period of time. The positives of being like this are that 1) I always know what I'm going to eat and 2) it's easier to manage my money. But there are some drawbacks as well:

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