Autism Training

We have a large variety of autism training courses available, as well as the ability to create bespoke material, please get in touch if you think we can help!

Our training is highly unique. We use animated videos and comic strips to engage our audience.

Below you will find information on what we can do for you, please select on a panel to find out more information. We also deliver Unconscious Bias and Diversity of Thought training, visit The Curly Hair Consultancy for more information.

Are you interested in receiving autism training for INSET or other CPD activities for your school?

Our materials have been endorsed by the world’s leading psychologist in ASD, Professor Tony Attwood. They are used by teachers and support staff all over the world.

Some of the feedback we have received includes:

“I’ve worked in SEN for over 20 years and The Curly Hair training was the best I’ve had.”

We can deliver autism training to:

  • Pre-schools and nurseries
  • Primary and secondary schools
  • Colleges and sixth forms
  • Universities

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Are you a Further or Higher Education Facility? Do you wonder what will happen next once your autistic students leave the supportive environment of education?

We can help!

Only 16% of autistic adults are in full time work and this statistic hasn’t changed for the last decade! Only 32% are in some kind of paid work (full and part-time combined), compared to 47% of disabled people and 80% of non-disabled people (reference).

It’s awful and we want to change it!

We know of thousands of autistic adults and young people who are desperate to work but aren’t able to get jobs. We bridge this gap. Autistic people can be very highly skilled, reliable and dedicated workers with excellent attention to detail. Indeed, they have many desirable skills for employers!

We can support:

  • Autistic young adults
  • Autistic adults
  • Employers
  • Career Departments & Job Centres

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Businesses of all sizes can benefit from working with autistic people, who think differently.

Businesses may be missing out on creative ideas, innovation and profit because everyone who works there all think alike. However, diversity is likely to be the key to drive innovation and creativity in all aspects and types of businesses.

We can support Employers with:

  • Understanding autism
  • Adapting the interview process
  • Utilising the unique strengths of autism
  • Managing an autistic person
  • Team building

Autistic people may have desirable skills such as:

  • Excellent attention to detail
  • High concentration and focus
  • Reliability and commitment

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Do you want to learn how you can adapt therapies and health services to better support autistic patients?

Many health professionals are unsure how to take a patient’s autism into account. Many of the things you can do however, are simple and straightforward.

Some of the feedback we have received includes:

“The best course I’ve been on. Wish I’d been on it when I first started my job. Will really help me work better with my client.”

“Eternally grateful for the valuable course; highly recommended.”

We can deliver autism training to:

  • Social Workers & Community Support Workers
  • Healthcare Practitioners & Allied Health Professionals
  • Receptionists & Customer Service Assistants

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Acceptance, understanding and having empathy for people who are different from ourselves begins from a young age. What better way to raise awareness of autism than to engage directly with children and young people?

People who are empathetic and able to identify with and understand another person’s thoughts and feelings may be less likely to bully or ridicule others.

We can deliver assemblies in schools and can actively involve children and young people. Our autism work for children and young people is age-appropriate, relevant and insightful.

Not only will we teach children what autism is, we will also give them some strategies to use that may help their relationships with peers, classmates and friends who are on the autistic spectrum.

Our work is likely to make a massive difference to children who might be autistic and don’t know. Being able to relate to someone or something at a young age may reduce the likelihood of a child having mental health problems later on.

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We open people’s minds by talking about different points of view.

Find out about our Unconscious Bias or Diversity of Thought training:

  •  Become a more empathetic person
  •  Harvest the strengths of others
  •  Discover new ways of thinking

Contact us to find out more or visit The Curly Hair Consultancy

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ASD-Friendly Professionals

We’re often asked for recommendations of organisation and individual professionals who have some experience in ASD.

Here is our small directory of the people that we know across the UK.