Tracy McGibney


Email: [email protected]


I have worked in HR and training for 20 years. I have two children, one boy and one girl, one diagnosed with ASD and the other currently on the waiting list or pathway towards a diagnosis. We also have a black Labrador, a white cat, a bearded dragon and fish. Sometimes myself and the husband feel a bit outnumbered! I was introduced to CHP through a friend, and after attending a couple of webinars, reading Alis’ book and attending one of Sam’s learning days the strategies we took away have helped to open up more dialogue around feelings with the children, which has reduced the behaviour episodes. Now I have joined the team to continue with the good work around the Leicestershire area.

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ASD-Friendly Professionals

We’re often asked for recommendations of organisation and individual professionals who have some experience in ASD.

Here is our small directory of the people that we know across the UK.