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My name is Lucy. I am married and a mother of two children. I live in Shropshire, where I was born and bred. Although I have also lived in a few places, I am pleased that I was able to return to the beautiful Shropshire countryside to bring up my family. I am a qualified teacher and have taught children aged 5-13.

After some difficulties and years of struggling to understand myself, I was diagnosed with Asperger’s. This was a huge personal relief as it has led to a much greater self-awareness and understanding of many aspects of my life. I want to be able to share my personal experiences with others, especially with young girls and women. I know that it would have had a positive impact on my life to have understood myself better at a younger age. I have done a huge amount of research into ASD in order to better understand myself; it is the work of Alis and the Curly Hair Project that has resonated with me the most – the simple but insightful observations posted on Facebook really hit a chord with me.

I have always had a huge interest in psychology, wellbeing and mental health issues, especially relating to children and teenagers. As any parent can probably agree, there are always new challenges to face. This has really alerted me to the value of educating professionals and parents to the importance of wellbeing and aspects of neurodiversity. I am particularly passionate about giving people strategies and tools to support themselves and their loved ones in daily life, helping to minimise the development of anxiety or depression. I believe that the more understanding that a person has of themselves, the kinder they will be to themselves and more empowered they will feel.

I truly believe that it is so important for people to develop an understanding of themselves. The work of the Curly Hair Project is invaluable for those on the autistic spectrum and for anyone who wants to gain a greater understanding of people whose way of thinking and experience of life may be different and perhaps more challenging to manage. I am excited to be involved in sharing this work.

What people say about Lucy

“I came home feeling reassured and comforted as it’s been a long and lonely journey…”

“Lucy is a warm, friendly, endearing presenter.”

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