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“Wonderful site and great value for money. Thank you Alis x” Sam, CHP Website Subscriber

“Supporting a social enterprise is one of the best ways I can think of to spend my money. I’ve already benefited from reading facebook posts from The Girl With The Curly Hair. Why would I not want to go further and support this work. Happy to call my self a subscriber.” Nellie, CHP Website Subscriber

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“I’m a subscriber and the help, advice and insight I’ve received from reading your articles and books, in terms of understanding and appropriately supporting my 13 year old girl (with the long straight hair) is priceless. I’ve been reading books and articles on Autism since she was diagnosed at 5, and nothing has ever come close to the understanding I’ve gained from the CHP and that my daughter has gained too, in terms of understanding and accepting herself.” Anne, CHP Website Subscriber

“Such great use of money!” James, CHP Website Subscriber