Training for Healthcare Professionals

Are you working in health and dealing with patients with autism, anxiety or communication difficulties?

If patients have ASD they may need additional help to be understood, communicate their symptoms and feel comfortable. Train your team so that they can learn strategies to make a real difference. Make a positive impact by training doctors, nurses, receptionists, support staff – anyone who comes into contact with patients.

Our autism training for healthcare professionals is relevant to GP surgeries, health centres and hospitals. We can also support patients and their families. 

  • Book a single session or use our popular package option, making it easy and straightforward to meet your training needs.
  • We teach sensible, practical strategies that are flexible to fit into your existing practices.
  • Our training is unique and highly engaging. We use comic strips and animated films to get our messages across.
  • Our Trainers are all highly experienced in ASD. They have lived with it, so they really know what autism is like.
  • Material created and curated by award-winning autistic author and entrepreneur, Alis Rowe.
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Your social responsibility

The Autism Act 2009 is a legislation in England to improve access to services for adults on the autism spectrum. However…

  • 71% of autistic adults feel their social care and mental health needs are not met.
  • Just 8% of autistic adults and 5% of families say that since the Autism Act came into force, health and care services in their area have improved.

We Can Help

If you would like to do more to support people with autism, anxiety or communication difficulties, we can help. Contact us or check out our online courses for health professionals.

Fantastic Online Courses

Written and narrated by autistic author Alis Rowe, full of bright colours and visuals, comic strips and animations… we have managed to simplify and make exciting a very complicated subject!

Take a look at our Online Autism Courses >

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Watch our amazing animated films that provide an insight into the inner thoughts, feelings and experiences of someone who has autism.

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