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Due to Covid-19, all events listed below will now take place ONLINE.

Our autism training events are designed and delivered by people who are all highly experienced in ASD. They have lived with it, so they really know what autism is like. Our events run all over the country and cover a variety of topics including: dealing with autism in everyday life, autism in adulthood, strategies for living with autism and autism and mental health. We also have a range of webinars that you can access from wherever you are in the world!

  • 5* reviews
  • Watch our award-winning animated films
  • Suitable for autistic adults (with or without a diagnosis)
  • Suitable for parents
  • Suitable for professional people working with autistic adults or autistic children
  • Suitable for teenagers and young people
  • Aimed at supporting boys as well as girls
  • Receive a certificate of attendance

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Our Trainers

We have a small team of dedicated and experienced Trainers – all with real-life experience of living or working closely with people with autism.

Our Training

We have a large variety of autism training courses available, as well as the ability to create bespoke material. Our events cater to people of all backgrounds, from people without a diagnosis, newly diagnosed adults, parents, grandparents to teachers and health professionals.

For more information and how to book on one of our autism events, please click the individual links or contact us.

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Upcoming Events

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Understanding ‘input’ and the importance of managing it

Autistic people can have trouble processing 'input'. Input is incoming information, for example sensory information from the environment such as a scent or a noise. Too much input can make an autistic person feel stressed and overwhelmed. Too much input can increase the chances that an...

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Why it might not be a good idea to compare yourself with others

Over the years, something that has caused me to feel very unhappy and anxious is that I was comparing myself with other people. What I say now and the philosophy I adhere to whenever I think about comparing myself to others is: "I will only compare you to you" (or "I will only compare ...

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Why do I feel anxious and not excited?

One of the ways I tend to feel most isolated from others is when other people are feeling excited about something, I am feeling anxious. Or they might be expecting me to be feeling excited about something, but instead I'm feeling anxious. Having autism can dampen one's mood. For me, ...

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