Sam Ramsay

sam-ramsay-alis-roweI am a Manager for Curly Hair Project, managing the development of Associate Trainers across the UK and also a variety of projects we manage from time to time.

I am 49 years old with 15 year old twin girls, one of which was diagnosed with Asperger’s on the Autistic Spectrum last year. Over the past few years we have also dealt with poor mental health in the family, and so I am experienced in managing a challenge!

I started my career in Human Resources, and at the point I commenced my maternity leave I was a Deputy Director in HR in the NHS. Like many people, after children, I started to look at what I was doing and decided that I wanted to do something that fitted better with my family.

I only discovered Alis and her work two years ago but I have found the whole approach to be amazingly refreshing! The training, books and social media posts have been a fantastic support to me and my family as we begin to understand the diagnosis and how it presents itself in my daughter.

Alis likes to carry out the presentations and workshops between herself and an NT, which I believe gives the whole topic much more relevance and means that whatever category you fall into – either someone on the spectrum yourself or a carer/parent/loved one, means that it can be communicated to you in a way that will be understood like never before.

During my time at Curly Hair Project, we have developed the range of sessions offered, now have a number of corporate clients and have also introduced webinars.

I am thrilled to be able to work with Alis on some of her workshops and presentations in the Midlands area, and throughout the UK, as needs require it.

On a personal note, aside from my twin girls, I also have 4 dogs, 4 guinea pigs, a tortoise and 2 degus! So, looking after pets, walking the dogs and reading specifically a range of ASD work, crime thrillers as well as mental health topics, fill my time well!!