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Emotion Card Game (Android only)

The CHP Emotion Card Game is intended for people with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and their loved ones. People with ASD often have difficulty identifying and understanding emotions in themselves and others. The CHP Emotion Card Game helps teach which situations or circumstances have made them feel a certain way. It is also a good opportunity for people on the spectrum to listen and understand the emotions of their loved ones. It promotes empathy by encouraging people with ASD to recognise hurt feelings and other emotions and moods in others, and how to respond sensitively. Click here to download the app from the Google Play Store.

The CHP Emotion Card Game is a tool to improve communication between families and friends and resolve the issues that come up in daily life. Also suitable for teachers and students.

No. of players: Unlimited. But recommended no more than 4 so that it is still personal and maintains attention.

How to play

There are two primary ways to play this game. Let’s talk about each.

1. Emotions Only

Player 1 gets an emotion ‘card.’ They now have an opportunity to think about a time they felt this way (either independently or in relation to another player). They then proceed to talk about this emotion and why they felt that way.

After speaking, if there are issues still unresolved, the other player(s) have a chance to validate their feelings.

Now it’s player 2’s turn. Player 2 gets an emotion card. It is now their turn to think about a time they felt this way and why. They talk about it whilst the other player(s) listen. Just the same as before, after speaking, the other player(s) have a chance to respond to their feelings.

The game continues for as long as they want to play.

2. Emotions + Situations

This is a bit trickier. Player 1 is presented with an emotion card but in addition, they have to pick a situation card. Player 1 then has to think about a time they felt that way when inside that particular situation.

Then it’s Player 2’s turn.

The purpose of Emotions + Situations is to act as a trigger or prompt for people who struggle to think up situations when put on the spot. In some ways, this makes it easier. In other ways, it can be more difficult because it requires the player to really think quite hard about a possible link between a very random emotion and very random situation!

Download the app from the Google Play Store

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