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Truly understand the experience of autism today

We are an established training company offering differentiated learning. Our e-courses are written by award-winning author Alis Rowe who is on the autism spectrum.

Experience Curly Hair Project e-learning


Our animations really bring the subject to life and break the e-courses up to make them more engaging.


Our online courses are narrated by Alis. It is nice having the author talk to you. 🙂


Learn in your own time and at your own convenient location.

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Our e-courses are unique

Written and narrated by autistic author Alis Rowe, full of bright colours and visuals, comic strips and animations… we have managed to simplify and make exciting a very complicated subject!


Reflect on and answer questions about your own life based on what you have learned.

Fun Quizzes

Answer visual quizzes to test your knowledge.