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Online Autism Courses for Health Professionals

Do you work with autistic adults or children?

The Curly Hair Project has a range of e-courses designed for anyone working in the health sector who might have patients with autism.

What Health Professionals say about The Curly Hair Project

"This should be required reading for all CAMHS therapists and adult psychiatric services as well as anyone in health who may work with those on the autism spectrum. This for me as a GP is the most important book by the Girl with the Curly hair. It is so much better than any training on the subject which a professional who has not lived with or inside autism spectrum difference telling others how to make reasonable adjustments. I cannot praise it enough."
"Alis has provided really clear guidance regarding the problems individuals with ASD face accessing health services and easy adaptations that can be made by professionals. This should be compulsory reading."
"Going to have to chat to some healthcare providers about reasonable adjustments!"

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Alis, who is the creator of The Curly Hair Project, wasn’t diagnosed until she was an adult, and her life was unbearable up until that point. She never wants anyone to feel as isolated and anxious as she did. Alis is now living a more comfortable and fulfilling life and this is only because of the strategies she has devised and succinctly communicated in the e-courses.

Along with our e-courses, we also have a variety of resources for Health Professionals such as:

The Curly Hair Project’s resources are endorsed by world’s leading psychologist Professor Tony Attwood.

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