Online Autism Courses for Employers

Are you an employer or manager? Or perhaps you have a colleague who is on the autism spectrum.

Our courses will help you to understand how an autistic person may experience the workplace.

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What People say about The Curly Hair Project

"The course really helped me to understand an autistic colleague."

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Alis, who is the creator of The Curly Hair Project, wasn’t diagnosed until she was an adult, and her life was unbearable up until that point. She never wants anyone to feel as isolated and anxious as she did. Alis is now living a more comfortable and fulfilling life and this is only because of the strategies she has devised and succinctly communicated in the e-courses.

Along with our e-courses, we also have a variety of resources for autistic people such as:

The Curly Hair Project’s resources are endorsed by world’s leading psychologist Professor Tony Attwood.

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