How Autism Friendly is your Business?

The curly hair project encourages inclusion in society as much as possible. This means that we want people with ASD to feel they are able to have ‘normal’ ‘mainstream’ experiences whenever they want to, for example:

  • having their hair cut
  • eating at a restaurant/cafe
  • going to the gym
  • receiving treatment such as osteopathy or physiotherapy
  • going shopping for clothes or shoes

We realise however that, currently, many of these opportunities cause a lot of stress and anxiety for people with ASD which means they are not able to do these things as much as they would like (or even at all).

We would like to help make businesses and service providers more autism friendly – but in order to do this, they too need to be willing and interested in doing so.

Our How Autism Friendly is your Business? package includes:

  • A 1-2 hour personal visit
  • A full written report outlining good vs bad and potential solutions which could make your business more autism friendly

We will look at how autism friendly your business is from an autistic customer’s point of view, from start (e.g. from when they first search on Google for your business) to end (e.g. when they pay for their service and walk out of the door).

We will rate your business by giving you an ‘autism friendly score.’

We will provide you with a full, comprehensive report which explains what the business is currently doing well at and things it could do to be even better and more inclusive.

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