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“Your course was one of the best delivered courses I have been on in the 20 years I’ve worked in autism.”

“I really enjoyed the day and approach situations with my boy and other people in a different light now.”

“I attended the workshop with my husband and son, who has ASD. We learnt so much about ASD and anxiety. As parent of child, with ASD, who struggles so much with anxiety which affects the whole family. We have learnt so much about it, how it affects them, why they may be anxious about some things and strategies to deal with them. I’ve been attending appointments for nearly 7 years and came away with more knowledge and understanding from the workshop than I have ever had before!”

What to expect at a workshop

June 2018

Tue 26: ASD and Understanding Challenging Behaviour – Workshop (Brandon)

Wed 27: ASD and Emotions – Workshop (Warwick)

Fri 29: Meltdowns and Shutdowns – Evening Webinar

July 2018

Wed 04: ASD and Anxiety – Evening Webinar

Thu 05: ASD and Sensory Processing – Workshop (Brandon)

Tue 10: ASD and Communication – Evening Webinar

Wed 11: ASD and Anxiety – Workshop (Corby)

Wed 11: Meltdowns and Shutdowns – Workshop (Corby)

Thu 19: ASD and Anxiety – Workshop (Brandon)

August 2018

Fri 24- Sun 26: Global Impact Film Festival (Washington, DC)

October 2018

Tue 09: Autism Learning Day 1 – Conference (Birmingham)

Sat 13: CHP in association with Parenting Takes a Village – Expo (Nottingham)

Thu 18: Autism Learning Day 2 – Conference (Coventry)

November 2018

Tue 20: Autism Learning Day 1 – Conference (Nottingham)

February 2019

Thu 07: Autism and Mental Health Day – Conference (Birmingham)

May 2019

Wed 08: Autism Learning Day 2 – Conference (Birmingham)

For more information and how to book on one of our autism events, please click the individual links or contact Alis at alis@thegirlwiththecurlyhair.co.uk.