Autism Awareness for Children

Understanding and acceptance of difference begins from a young age. What better way to raise awareness of autism than to engage directly children and young people themselves?

We can deliver assemblies in schools and can actively involve children and young people. Our autism awareness training for children and young people is age-appropriate, relevant and insightful. Not only do we teach people about what autism is, we give them the strategies to use that may help their relationship with peers, classmates and friends who are on the spectrum. Our work might also reduce loneliness and educate children themselves, who feel ‘different’, yet don’t really know why… Being able to relate to someone or something – at a young age – has the chance of reducing the likelihood of them having mental health problems as they get older.

Our work will also empower parents and teachers and provide strategies they can use to help the child or young person with ASD achieve their potential.

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