ASD Training for Teachers

Are you interested in receiving autism training for INSET or other CPD activities for teachers and teaching staff at your school?

Our material has been endorsed by the world’s leading psychologist in ASD, Professor Tony Attwood, and is used by psychiatrists, psychologists, counsellors, teaching staff and other professionals all over the world.

We would like to propose:

  • 30 minutes of story demonstrating a typical day at secondary/primary school for the girl with the curly hair (a character with autism)
  • break
  • 2 hours of review and discussion of the day and how it was for the girl with the curly hair, with lots of solutions and strategies for teachers to implement to make things easier for her and help her achieve her potential

All material is based on real life experiences, so it is very genuine and authentic.

We can also deliver school assemblies about autism to children and young people.