ASD Training for Teachers

Why do teachers need ASD training?

All social environments pose challenges and difficulties for children and young people with ASD. In schools and classrooms, these difficulties can be magnified and are very distressing if they are not dealt with. For children and young people with Asperger’s Syndrome and/or high functioning autism, these problems are often invisible to others, but will have a devastating impact in learning and well being.

The curly hair project provides ASD training for teachers and educational staff to help them understand the challenges autistic students face. We provide expert advice and strategies on how to help students with ASD thrive in the learning environment, including: dealing with meltdowns, participating in group work, why certain subjects are particularly challenging, sensory challenges, break and lunch times, and bullying.

All of this will be delivered by acclaimed author and award winning social entrepreneur Alis Rowe and her neurotypical colleague. This means you get personal, unique insight from two different perspectives.

“Alis can speak at ease and makes it relevant for the students.” Teacher

“I loved the dual presentation and contrasting AS/NT perspectives. Very useful.” Parent

If you would like to enquire about teacher training, please email

The photo below was taken in November 2014 when Alis went to Limpsfield Grange in Surrey, which is a residential school for girls age 11-16 with ASD and related conditions.