ASD Training for Personal Trainers

Why do personal trainers need ASD training?

Founder of the curly hair project, Alis Rowe, has been coached in weightlifting for many years. She thinks that exercise is incredibly important for people with mental health problems, such as depression and anxiety. Ironically however, due to these problems and the added difficulties that come with having an ASD, exercise can be very difficult to do. Some things that stop people with ASD partaking in exercise include:

  • social anxiety around others
  • impaired motor control/difficulty moving body and lack of awareness of body in space
  • fear of being bullied or left out
  • not wanting to participate in group classes or team sports
  • having trouble understanding verbal instructions

hence our Curly Hair Project ASD training for personal trainers!

Alis is a great advocate for weightlifting and keeping fit generally. After the decision to dedicate her life to weightlifting, things got a lot better for her – her anxiety got less and she found something she truly passionately enjoyed, leading to fewer mental health problems.

Alis thinks that all personal trainers and sports coaches could benefit from ASD training and then society would benefit as a whole. As a personal trainer herself and also someone who has been coached in Olympic weightlifting for many years, she is the perfect person to educate you.

Please get in touch if you want to add “experience with autism” to your CV and personal training profile. This is a market currently untouched and could help grow your business.

You can read here why Alis recommends Olympic weightlifting especially for people with ASD.