ASD Training for NHS Staff

Why do NHS staff need ASD training?

Visiting health professionals, such as the GP, can be a very daunting and stressful situation for the individual with ASD. They may suffer from communication difficulties and intense social anxiety, which make it very hard to effectively communicate. As a consequence of this, their problems commonly go unheard, and they may not receive the appropriate care. This could lead to mental health problems, such as depression.

The Curly Hair Project provides ASD training for NHS Staff (including receptionists, nurses, psychologists, counselors) so that they can communicate effectively with their ASD patient. We help healthcare professionals to understand their autistic patients and minimise sensory and social challenges. Our ASD training for NHS Staff includes: making the waiting area ASD friendly, how the receptionist can help on first arrival, detecting ASD in females, the co-morbids depression and anxiety, effective communication with a patient with ASD.

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We understand that NHS workers are usually incredibly busy and have little time to attend training but we didn’t want this to mean they miss out. We are able to come to surgeries and deliver a 45 minute session inside the lunch break.