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“Alis Rowe writes complex psychological material with such simplicity and dead on truth.”

Meet The Girl With The Curly Hair

Hello, welcome to my website. My name is Alis and I am the founder of The Curly Hair Project, a social enterprise that supports people on the autistic spectrum. I live in London. I have a 1st class chemistry degree and a Masters. I am an author, scriptwriter, poet, songwriter, A Writer Learning How To Rap, film director, marketer and entrepreneur.

I was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome when I was 22 and I started The Curly Hair Project to innovate the way the world views and understands autism. I’m extremely passionate and disciplined about what I do!

I have combined all of my interests and skills – and learned plenty of new skills along the way! – to create some amazing resources including: books, visual guides, blog, infographics, training courses, webinars, songs and animated films.

Several years later The Curly Hair Project is now an award-winning organisation known worldwide and my resources are endorsed by the world’s leading autism psychologist, Professor Tony Attwood.

I very much hope you enjoy my work and that it helps make your life and relationships more manageable and enjoyable. My adolescence would have been so different if I had been able to access the information, books and resources that my organisation now offers people. I want to make sure that children and families don’t have the experience I did, that is why I started The Curly Hair Project.

Thanks so much for visiting my website and taking an interest. Thanks to people like you, I am able to share my true gift (writing) with the world and really make a difference in the world. If I don’t share with others what I have learned in this life, what is the point? 🙂


Alis Rowe


My favourite hobby is Olympic weightlifting (snatch and clean & jerk), which I do 6 times per week. 

Rap music:

I am an independent rapper and songwriter. Find out more on my Alis Rowe Music website.

Marketing, website development and SEO:

My other company is called Lioness Marketing. We build websites and create and manage marketing campaigns for veterinary practices.


BSc Chemistry First Class and MChem
3 A levels (Computing, Chemistry, Physics)
2 AS levels (Maths, Biology)
10 GCSEs


Olympic weightlifting, nutrition and fitness, listening to audio books, rap/hip hop music, playing the piano, cycling, cats, Black Russian Terriers, Forex trading


“Your commitment and dedication in sharing your experiences, your thoughts and feelings indeed changes the hearts and minds of all of us who read your posts and blogs. You teach professionals through your training programmes and your books. Your skills in raising awareness alter the mind set of people world wide. Above all, you continually help me to understand my darling grandson more and more every day. A thank you never seems enough, but I do thank you hugely. I send you boundless blessings every day x”

“Thank you for all you have done and do Alis. Have been following you since the beginning, and you will never know how much help you have been to me and my family, and how much you helped me to change my own opinion of myself.”

“I am in awe of how much you have done for raising awareness of ASD in girls for me and the world at large. Without you I’d have been in the madhouse long ago. You have helped me understand my daughter and son better than majority of the copious websites & pages I have spent researching in 14yrs. Kudos to you. Our Angel xx”

“Bless your good work with which so many minds have been able to be understood & others to “understand others”. Thank you for your devotion, your passion to what God gave you, the talent & intelligence to understand aspergers & to write everything you understand.”

“I absolutely love Alis Rowe’s books/website and refer so many people to The Curly Hair Project. Alis is changing the life of so many parents/carers/children in a truly beneficial way. I hope she realises the positive difference she is making.”

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Written and narrated by autistic author Alis Rowe, full of bright colours and visuals, comic strips and animations… we have managed to simplify and make exciting a very complicated subject!

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