Marketing Assistant

Posted by: alisrowe, July 6, 2019

Would you like to work from home for a few hours a week, hours and times to be determined by you?

Want to work for a fun but worthwhile cause helping raise awareness of autism across the UK?

Are you happy to phone schools and other public and private sector organisations to promote our autism training and generate genuine interest?

Events would be set up by a Trainer, they would tell you about their event and you would then be required to promote it. You would be trained in how to do this if you have no experience and there would be a named person to liaise with from our company.

In generating sales for an event, you would receive a percentage of net sales taken per event. If you generate a private booking, you would earn a % of that sale too.

This is a self employed role, and no salary is payable.

Application process

Please send your CV, together with a statement outlining how you meet the needs of this role to Sam Ramsay, Manager at

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