1:1 ASD Support

“Alis is a great teacher. Alis, Temple Grandin and John Elder Robison are the best.”

It was always my vision that, through the CHP, my work would have real life relevance and application. I am therefore pleased that we are able to offer personal 1to1 autism support through email or Skype instant chat messaging* on a consultancy basis.

All members of our team are experienced in ASD. We can offer ongoing or ad-hoc 1to1 sessions as and when you need.

1:1 ASD support options

1 session (30-60 minutes): £35 GBP

5 sessions (5 x 30-60 minutes): £150 GBP / save £25

10 sessions (10 x 30-60 minutes): £320 GBP / save £30

If you would like to sign up for 1:1 support, fill out the form below and we will get back to you.

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*Please note that instant chat messaging means typing and it does not mean speaking over the phone/microphone. However, if *you* would prefer to speak, that is fine, but *we* will likely respond by typing in real time. Thank you for understanding.